Sunday, March 29, 2020

March 2020 Group Update

These are certainly trying times for all of us in the Celiac and Gluten Free community.  There will be no meeting in April, and we were unable to meet in February due to a snowstorm, and in March we were unable to meet as well.  Our meeting location place is now not open to the public for any meetings whatsoever, due to Covid-19. Will get back to you at a later date to give you a May update.  We always have our meetings on the second Tuesday of the month. If the Bradshaw's Rose Room is available we will meet again on May 12th.  Will let you know by end of April.

Please, please take extra precautions. Our hospital is not adequately set up to feed gluten free and Celiac patients. You must be ever so prudent to not get sick.  I think it kind of goes hand and hand with us that we all might be referred to as "germaphobes". This is not a bad thing.

In keeping with this thought, I am going to forward to you information on a cleaning cloth product that member Nicole Franetovich is selling.  It is called NORWEX.  You all know I have refrained from promoting any personal businesses to this group for the last 10 years, but I am making an exception this once.  The product is infused with micro silver particles that has been proven to be anti-bacterial.  The cloths can even be used to kill the bacteria left by raw chicken or meat  juice on your counter or sink. Silver, in general, is even used in hospitals to help heal and prevent bacteria from spreading.  If you have any questions please call Nicole Franetovich at 928-910-2512.  I am  going to send you a link to her Facebook page called Clean Living with Nicole. Be sure to tell her you are with the Celiac group, as she of course does not know all of you.

I am also going to send you a link to our new Prescott Area Celiac and Gluten Free Support FACEBOOK page.  It will come to under a separate email. Here I post info from the Gluten Free Watchdog group and other GF info.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

January 2020 Meeting Summary

The Prescott Area Celiac & Gluten Free Support group first meeting of the year was fantastic.  Many times the meetings are filled with so much information, it is a bit of sensory overload.  This was one of those.

Linda started off with insightful information of the continuing issue of "cross contamination" She has found a terrific website that would serve us all well to follow.  In addition to the cross contamination issue, some of us are still suffering from  molecular mimicry also referred to as cross- reactive.  These are foods that have similar proteins and/or other molecular similarity and our bodies think it is wheat or could be another food product that our bodies have developed sensitivities to.  Unfortunately, the Gluten Intolerance Group ( GIG) and the Gluten Free Watchdog group have determined that trace gluten is found in many or all foods,  (ie: processed foods, not whole foods) Please refer to this  web site Linda recommends

I have been encouraged for some time now to create a Facebook Page for our group.  As of this time only email members have been emailed the link.  However, over the years I have had newly diagnosed Celiac people contact me from out of the area and out of state and they are interested in our group and learning how to navigate the gluten free lifestyle.  Although I have been on Facebook personally for years, please be patient with me, because I need to learn how to "manage" a  designated Facebook Group Page.  Also, I would like to thank members Nicole Franetovich for setting up the page, and Diane Jacobs for her logo idea.

Again, thanks to Nicole for turning us all on to a delightful Mexican Restaurant that does and can accommodate our gluten free meals. Spicy Streats, Mexican Street Food located at 1201 Iron Springs Rd, Prescott.  Open Mon-Sat 10am- 7pm and Sunday 10am- 6pm.  You must say when ordering that you are Celiac ( that's the term they readily recognize) and you can additionally say  "no flour" and can you please change your gloves?  Ivan is the owner and most of his family work there...Several of us ate there after the meeting and it was delicious. They have a large enough room that could accommodate 20 of us, so we may plan a luncheon there sometime in the future.

On another important note. Dr. Mark Worthington, Gastroenterologist is leaving the YRMC Gastro Office in Prescott. He is not leaving the area, however.  Supposedly, those of us who are patients of his will get a letter advising as such. I have not received any letter and I have been a patient of his for many years. Again, thanks Nicole, for the heads up.  Although, I know where he is going, I feel it premature to announce it to you all, because I don't have it in writing from him.

Our next meeting will be February 11th.

Linda also gave us all more information on the designation on safe gluten free foods.... and that is the designation "approved by the Celiac Sprue Association". You can find it on  the box of the gluten free FRESCHETTA frozen pizza.  This continues to be a reliable identifier of safe gluten free processed food.