Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Prescott Area Gluten-Friendly Dining & Grocery Options

GF Restaurants in the
Prescott Quad City Area
as well as Sedona, Flagstaff, & Cottonwood, Az

Dine at your own risk!

1.  Red Robin*
2.  Chipotle Grill*(also warrants that they are all non-GMO, except for the corn products, with changes on those in the works.)
3.  Nick and Willy’s* 
4.  Streets of New York* GF pizza
5.  Rosa’s Pizzeria
6.  Prescott College Crossroads Café*
7.  The Raven*
8.   Aloha Grill*
9.   Panagea Bakery*
10. Applebees*
12. St. Michael’s Bistro
14. Baja Fresh
15. Firehouse Restaurant
16. New Frontiers (Whole Foods)* Café
18. El Gato Azul*
19. In ‘n Out Burger (mention "allergy" meal requirements)
21. Olive Garden*
23. Bill’s Pizza
24. Taj Majal
25. Chili’s
26. Tara Thai II (PV)
27. Texas Roadhouse*
28. Quince' (Jerome)*
29. Pizza Picasso* (Sedona, Flagstaff)
30. Casa Bonita, Arturos, Casa Gardena, etc.
31. Beaver Street Brewery (Flagstaff)*
32. Martina’s Mexican (Chino Valley)*
33. Prescott Station* (across from Hassayampa)
34. Buffalo Wild Wings (PV) does not use canola or soy oil for frying the wings!
35. Toi's Thai in PV
36. Frannies Frozen Yogurt on the Square 
37. Cuppers*- two locations 
38. Soldi (used to be Apropos Salon) 111 Grove Ave, Prescott,  777-0444
39. Mogi's Mongollian BBQ*, Iron Springs Rd. (also offers organic and non-GMO)
40. Shannon's cheesecakes on Gurley*

*Designates that the restaurant offers a gluten free menu or specifically offers listed gluten free items. 

~Rave Reviews~
The Prescott Station restaurant on 200 E. Gurley is generating some positive feedback within the local gluten free community. A non GF friend visited there shortly after it opened and was thrilled to report back to us that the management was not only very aware of the special needs of someone who is required to dine gluten free, but that they also offer a listing of GF options.

August 9th, 2012  Diane J. visited this restaurant with a friend for a birthday lunch. The waitress was pleasant, attentive, and well-versed in the gluten free menu offerings. Ordered a fish taco with corn tortillas and sides of beans and rice. Very good, though side dishes were excessively salty. Overall dining experience was excellent. The atmosphere and restaurant decor is the best I have experienced in this area in quite some time.

April 2013. A group member had a very negative experience with fish tacos that were served with both flour and corn tortillas, even after GF requests were specified.

November 21st, 2012
Several people in the group have mentioned very positive experiences that they had had recently with restaurants that are offering gluten free dining options. These included Nick and Willie's Pizza, Wildflower Bread Company, Prescott Station, and Gurley Street Grill. Also, the El Gato Azul owner, Barry, has recently notified the group that the restaurant is now carrying gluten free bread and GF tortillas as well.

Gluten Free Grocery Options
1. Whole Foods
2. Trader Joes (ask for their complete listing)                             
3. Honeyman (PV and Prescott)
4. Frys 
5. Costco
6. Sam’s Club
7. Walmart --- WM east has an entire GF section
8. Safeway
9. Natural Grocers 
10. Sprouts

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shannon russo said...

Shannons Cheesecakes on Gurley st has many gluten free options for food as well as whole cheesecakes by order! Can they be added to the list?