Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 2014 Meeting Summary

Happy Gluten Free New Year!

Bailey Rose Warstler, is a licensed acupuncturist in Prescott and also a regular attendee of the local gluten free support group. She was the group's guest speaker/presenter at the meeting at Prescott Public Library on 1/21/14.

Many members present had tried acupuncture for various issues with various results. Bailey said this typical of all health treatments. Bailey tried and now treats herself with acupuncture for a serious muscle cramp syndrome that is extremely painful and debilitating. She went to many traditional doctors and more than a dozen surgeries without much relief.  

She was studying physical therapy in Chicago when someone suggested she try acupuncture. She did and experienced "great success"!  She decided then to study the therapy and become a licensed practitioner of this ancient Eastern Medical Art.

Schooling is a three to four year, full time Master's program covering Traditional Western and Ancient and Modern Eastern Holistic methods and theory. Acupuncture is thousands of years old, probably originated in China, and is practiced in Korea, Japan and all over the Far East.

Today's method uses extremely fine needles of varying lengths and thicknesses to tap into the Qi (Chi) or the body's own energy force, at any one of four hundred points along the main meridians as plotted by the ancient Chinese.  Acupressure is similar and uses much the same points. The idea is to remove blockages at various points to allow the Qi (life force) to flow freely and achieve balance in the body, making the patient feel better.  The Qi can be unbalanced by stress, diet, environment, injury/illness/ and lifestyle changes. Bleeding is rare, but in some cases, intentional, and only a drop may be all that is needed to relieve pressure.

When diagnosing a patient prior to treatment, Bailey will take the pulses at three different places and levels on both wrists. She will look at the patient's tongue, which to the trained eye, reveals a great deal about the health of the body. All treatments are tailored to the individual, and as symptoms change, so will the treatment, which is progressive. One then can go to maintenance visits less frequently. Bailey has had great success treating Fibromyalgia.  

Initial visits cost $80.00 and involve many questions so Bailey can get to "know" you and what is happening in her client's life, in order to tailor treatment specifically to your health issues.  Follow up visits are $60.00 and are all inclusive. Insurance coverage varies, so check with health coverage policy. Both Linda C. and Renee R are patients of Bailey, and report an overall relaxing sense of well-being after treatment. 

One member offered this advice; "Don't be afraid"... to try acupuncture!

Extra note from meeting: Renee R's recommendation for a good allergy test company is: The Intolerance Testing Group; This company tests for food, nutrients, metals via hair samples.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at next month's meeting on Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 at 12:30 PM, in the Founder's Room "B" on the lower level of Prescott Public Library.