Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April 2017 Meeting Summary

The Prescott Area Celiac and Gluten Free Support Group had a great sharing time at the April 11th meeting.

Many shared new GF products and some old favorites too, There were too many to list but here a few...
  • Trader Joes has a good GF Macaroni and cheese in a box that is made in a GF facility in Canada.
  •  Cream of Rice is gluten free and they also have to-go packs, similar to-go packs of oatmeal.
  • A product called Potapas tortillas that is made with potatoes was mentioned. Made with orange yams or regular. They are non GMO and dairy free. Available at Sprouts and most health food stores.
  • A GF gravy packet from Mayacamas was brought and the one that was mentioned as very good was the Savory Herb, also available at Sprouts.
A natural herbal antibiotic was discussed also. Oil of Oregano is a natural substitute to some perscription antibiotics. As we all know perscription antibiotics are very hard on our gut and can kill off our good bacteria we try so hard to build up as well as the bad ones. Dr. Josh Axe has an excellent article on Oil of Oregano and Dr. Susan Blum does also. Please note that they recommend only taking it for 2 weeks.
This may not be for everyone so be sure and check with your Dr. before starting any medicine or herbal remedy, and as always we are not giving advice just sharing what we have found
has worked for some.

The next meeting will be May 9th.
eeting location is in the Rose Room at:
                                                    The Bradshaws Senior Community
                                                      133 Bradshaw Drive in Prescott 

The meetings are always held on the second tuesday of each month from 12-2PM.