Monday, January 18, 2016

January 2016 Meeting Summary

The Prescott Area Celiac and Gluten Free Support Organization met for another terrific meeting on tuesday, January 13th from 12-2PM in Prescott Valley at the public library. Sherri Cook, owner of Cork and Cuisine Restaurant in Prescott Valley, was the guest speaker. Sherri's restaurant is adjacent to Buffalo Wild Wings/Harkins Theater complex, off of Glassford Hill.

Sherri certainly had the group salivating for her menu! She understands the gluten dining challenges and she and her staff & chefs will do all that they can to avoid cross-contamination and still provide some gluten free menu options. Go to her website for more info. The owner's concept of rotating menus means you will never get bored and can go there often. The restaurant takes reservations. Breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday -Saturday. Soon they will be open for breakfast on Sunday. As with ANY and ALL gluten free restaurant dining dine at your own risk...and please be kind :-)

There was also a terrific presentation at the January meeting by long time group member Linda C. Linda is a wealth of information, statistics and knowledge of all the issues thhat Gf folks are required to deal with. Her discussion on inflammation and our immune system  was fantastic.  She recommends a book called the  "The Immune System Recovery Plan": A doctor's 4 -step plan to achieve optimal health and strengthen your immune system", by Susan Blum, M.D. ( Linda has 5 generations of Celiacs in her family! Another book that she has found very helpful is called "Conquering Arthritis" (wheelchair to walking) by Barbara Allan. Since many, if not all, disease is caused by inflammation, this book could be helpful to anyone.

Many of the group have started a protocol of gelatin/collagen. Linda and Renee R. and several others have been using a product called Great Lakes Gelatin.  A canister (red) at Natural Grocers can be purchased for $18.95.  However, the grocer at Sprouts has ordered a couple cases that are stored in the back of the store. (Ask for Jay.) Sprouts sells them for approx $17 each. Sprouts Corporate has not authorized the product to be put on the shelf, but Jay has ordered them for the group.

Costco now has the GF Ramen back in stock, aisle 321. Safeway carries GF bouillion HERB-OX and GF bbq sauces KINDERS.

All left the January meeting with renewed confidence about their GF Journey in 2016!