Monday, November 14, 2016

November 2016 Meeting Summary

Our November meeting was a terrific success at our new location...the Bradshaw Senior Community in Prescott.  We had a large turnout in the lovely Rose Room. Many thanks go to member Sharon Egan for securing this location.  We had product discussion including several Trader Joe Buttermilk Pancake MIx, Pumpkin Bread Mix and a new product called Vegan Egg.  Vegan Egg is a dry good/powder product that can be found at Sprouts and Natural Grocers and can be used in baked goods or to make scrambled eggs (but no egg is actually in the product).  I have been eating it  and using it in my baking because I can not eat eggs and I have to say...  I miss eggs terrible, but Vegan Egg is not bad.
Linda brought up an important subject that we have touched briefly on in previous meetings.  The subject is CARRAGEENAN.  There is disturbing information on this ingredient that is added to many "natural" foods and found in lots of packaged food items and dairy.  In the April 2016, The Cornucopia Institute it was written that carrageenan causes GI inflammation, higher risk of intestinal lesions, ulcerations  & malignant tumors.  It is considered an extremely reliable inflammation & carcinogen, even tho it is a seaweed source.  Linda & I encourage you to read up and investigate this on your own and you be the judge.  The following are very reliable websites:
The Dr. Axe website also discusses the ingredients found in pickles  called polysorbate 80 and carboxymethylcellulose that unfortunately have been shown to cause cancer in mice. can come to your own conclusions.
And finally, it was great to see many members of our group at the Gluten Free/Allergy Free Expo at the Renaissance Hotel in Glendale.  A few of you I only caught glimpses of from across the large room.  We all came home with lots & lots of samples and discovered many new products either coming out soon or in the pipeline.
Happy Thanksgiving from Renee & Linda
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