Monday, April 27, 2015

April 2015 Meeting Summary

The April meeting of the Prescott Area Celiac and Gluten Free Support group was full of discussion about current newspaper articles that may affect the gluten free community.

Kimberly-Clark Professional, which manufactures Kleenex and Scott brand products, says its new "Green Harvest" line will blend in 20 percent wheat straw. Wheat straw is already used in a few paper products, including a line of copy paper made of 80 percent straw that Staples sells.  And later this month, the industry trade group, Kansas Wheat will be meeting with representatives  from a Taiwanese company that uses wheat straw to make corrugated paper and packaging materials.

Of greater concern to the group is the use of toilet paper and tissues that contain wheat. Hopefully, one of the national organizations such as GIG, (Gluten Intolerance Group) or one of the dedicated gluten free magazines will address this product development sooner than later.

The local gluten free support organization stresses in its' meetings that none of the members are scientists or doctors, but do like to share information relative to "gut health". Gleaned from a newspaper article by Dr. Oz & Dr.Roizen, members had a lengthy discussion of emulsifiers that are added to food.  A new study in the journal "Nature" found two commonly used emulsifiers, carboxymethycellulose and polysorbate 80, seem to change the balance of gut bacteria and damage the mucus lining of the intestines in lab animals. Researchers say that "the broad use of emulsifying agents might me contributing to chronic inflammatory disease in humans".  So, check labels and talk to your personal physician about this.

Co-leader Linda C. found a new product at Costco for group members that are required to eat gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, soy-free. It is "Just-Mayo" and the price is under $5.00 for two large jars! It's located in the non-refrigeration section (near the mustard and ketchup).

The next meeting of PACGFS group will be held May 19th from 12-2PM, at the Prescott Public Library Founders' Room A on the lower level. 

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