Sunday, September 16, 2018

August 2018 Meeting Summary

Thank you to all who attended the meeting, August 14th of the Prescott Area Celiac and Gluten Free Supportorganization.  We covered a lot of information, only some of which I can concisely summarize.
Breanne Murcek, Territory Sales Manager, Vibrant America Clinical Lab was our guest speaker.  I can certainly tell you, she had a captured audience , that picked her brain endlessly.  I encourage any of you interested in more details than I can provide to check out If you have specific questions for Bree her direct email address is  Currently, Innate Wellness & Medical Center (Dr. Gemie McLeod) at 820 Ainsworth Dr. Prescott can order the requested labs.  Breanne is investigating whether there is a local lab that we can self-refer.

One of the exciting tests Vibrant can provide is called WHEAT ZOOMER.  This is a comprehensive, sensitive and specific test to determine the spectrum of wheat and gluten related disorders. The WHEAT ZOOMER allows detection of protein antibodies associated with wheat and gluten sensitivities for information to reduce, monitor and manage the inflammatory effects of those sensitivities.  The cost is approx. $200.00.  Vibrant also has a specific sensitivity test for 96 foods that test for the IgA and IgG sensitivities. The cost is approx. 150.00  ( All prices are subject to change and are not specific for our support group)  The tests do not include the blood draw.  The WHEAT ZOOMER  also tests for "Leaky Gut Syndrome" (Intestinal Permeability).
If any of our members have had these tests and would like to share their opinions please email me.
I received a call from McKenzie, Manager of Frannie's Frozen Yogurt in downtown Prescott.  After one of our members inquired about the ingredient Maltodextrin in the their yogurt, McKenzie sought out the source of the maltodextrin and it is CORN.  She is educating her staff and hopes to have prepacked gluten free bakery items available soon.
Last week member Nicole and I had a table top display at the 63rd anniversary open house of Natural Grocers.  Thank you to all members that stopped by to support our group.  Our group is now considered a "community partner"  with Natural Grocers after Nutritional Coach , Vicky, spoke at our meeting in June. Vicky is arranging for a major event next year during National Celiac Month of May.
In good health!
All information presented or discussed by the Prescott Area Celia & Gluten Free Support Group members at its meetings, on its bog, or sent by email is for informational & educational purposes only.  It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Persons with any health issues should consult a qualified, licensed medical professional for diagnosis & treatment.

Note: The Prescott Area Celiac and Gluten Free Support Group meets the second Tuesday of each month. Call Renee Richey @ (928) 443-0399 for info about meeting locations and times. 

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