Wednesday, December 5, 2018

October 2018 Meeting Summary

Thanks to all of you that came to yesterday's meeting of the local Prescott Celiac and Gluten Free Support Group.  We really enjoyed having Mike and Britt Flores of Peace, Love Baking Company as our guests.

Britt shared her horrendous journey of near death in the hospital until doctors told she was Celiac Disease. Then of course she started on her personal journey of wellness eating gluten free. Mike and Britt and their two children are all gluten free and have a completely gluten free kitchen.

Theirs is a "cottage" bakery in their home and they make a wide array of gluten free products.  They brought chocolate chip cookies and blueberry muffins and banana muffins for every one to enjoy.  They are taking a break from the Farmers Market at this time. Please check out their web site  They can do bridal showers, wedding cakes, parties etc. You can them email at or call them at 626-390-9402

Diane (our blog master) would like to update our blog with current restaurants that you folks have found accommodating our gluten free needs.  Members at the meeting shared some of the restaurants and yours might be the same. So please email me your suggestions.

See you at the next meeting  November 13th.

All information presented or discussed by the Prescott Area Celia & Gluten Free Support Group members at its meetings, on its bog, or sent by email is for informational & educational purposes only.  It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Persons with any health issues should consult a qualified, licensed medical professional for diagnosis & treatment.

Note: The Prescott Area Celiac and Gluten Free Support Group meets the second Tuesday of each month. Call Renee Richey @ (928) 443-0399 for info about meeting locations and times. 

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